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photo plane crashed in Russia

photo plane crashed in Russia


Foreigners in Russia

Russia simultaneously attracts and repels foreigners. Not everyone is willing to visit our country, even if it is wholly lacking in the funds. Those who still dare to visit the country of bears and dolls, certainly will face certain difficulties and are likely to experience culture shock. To protect his countrymen from all sorts of trouble and help them as soon as possible to adapt to the new reality, foreign publishers provide valuable tips on how should or should not behave in Russia.

Do not think that all Russians are rude and aggressive
Foreigners arriving in large Russian cities (especially in Moscow and St. Petersburg), it seems that people around them do not notice anything around. Passersby look at each other blankly, and never smile. Many people can take their harsh facial expressions of aggression and evil character. In fact, foreign psychologists say, the behavior of Russian in public places and surrounded by familiar people is very different. Russian smile only when they really want to do this. For example, if you hear something funny or pleasant. They often give a smile to their loved ones and friends. Therefore, if a stranger smiles interlocutor during the conversation, it does not mean that it is set aggressively or has something against him.
Do not try to change the situation
Sometimes Russian may seem rude and tactless. They do not ask is barely familiar person personal question. But some people like and do not interfere in other people's lives and even give advice. This is especially true of older people who can easily express their negative opinion about the appearance or behavior of a stranger. Moreover, they even insist that people listened to their advice and always corrected. The best way out of this situation, according to US journalists - is to reconcile and not to object.
Forget about personal space
Russian did not observe personal space. It is for them simply do not exist. One Englishwoman living for several years in Moscow, recalls with a smile: "In the UK courtesy of passersby to give each other the way. And if suddenly someone and face a stranger, both immediately begin to apologize. In Moscow, the constant jostling. People have long been accustomed to push, so no excuses not to anyone. "
Particular attention is paid to foreign tourists advises on behavior in turns: "In all try to be as close as possible to the person in front. Do not leave the front of the slightest loophole, otherwise someone will certainly fit before you jump the queue. " You can imagine what a shock the British experience, accustomed to stand at a distance from each other even in the bus ...
Be careful with drinks
Foreign media are advised to be especially careful to men. In their view, meet Russian Foreign visitors in grand style and will make every effort to make the guest satisfied. According to them, "contentment" is abundant drinking, after which the next day wake up, many under the table. "Never underestimate the power of Russian vodka, otherwise you will not wake up under the table and under the hospital bed" - lovingly warn journalists.
Forget about the service sector
In Russia, almost no concept of "service industry", and those foreigners who are accustomed to polite treatment may be unpleasantly surprised tactless or indifferent treatment in the various Russian institutions.
The gift does not mean a bribe
Corruption remains a serious problem in Russia. Many Russians say they hate vzyatnichestvo. However, the country can hardly find a person who never gave bribes or gifts. By the way, gifts, foreign media say, are a disguised form of vzyatnichestva. The Russians do not see anything wrong with that, in time to make a gift "to the right person." Men are usually presented with a bottle of expensive vodka, whiskey or liquor, women - a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates or perfume. Foreigners are advised to take note of this delicate detail of the Russian reality. "If you learn to give gifts, you will be easier to assign important meetings and established contacts with interesting people," notes "Expatarrivals.com".
Be prepared for the inconvenience
Living conditions in Russia is much lower than in America or Europe. Many homes have long been subject to demolition or restoration, and the size of the rooms and apartments are very small compared with European standards, so foreign tourists should very carefully approach the selection of hotels. In addition, according to foreign media reports, Russia's hard to find items online and international communication.
Nevertheless, despite all the difficulties, which warned of the newspaper, the flow of foreign tourists in Russia continues unabated. Whether foreigners want a taste of the exotic, or consider a visit to our country something extreme: who knows? But those who accept the Russian reality as it is, without trying to change it, and does not condemn, he discovers a completely different world.


Russia dies...

I and many of my colleagues at the Russian Academy of Sciences believe that
Russia in 2004 continued to deteriorate. I will not discuss the tragedy in
Beslan, planes and explosions in the subway, the death of people in Chechnya, sale
"Yuganskneftegaz", the new rules governing the election of governors and deputies of the State Duma,
the monetization of benefits, the promotion of the WTO, the ratification of the Kyoto Protocol,
foreign policy, etc. I put the government "two" three
destructive process by which, according to Thatcher, "Russian
sick and now, without exaggeration, is dying. "

*First. Continued destruction of the economy. * The country's leadership
quite a GDP growth of 6.8%. Only through the sale of oil and
an unprecedented rise in prices for its GDP grew by 11%. Hence, the contribution of the rest
of the economy in the GDP declined by 4.2%. High inflation has remained -
11.5%. But the most tragic - is accelerated de-industrialization of the country, we
We lose the productive forces. We not only do not build factories, produce
new technology, but existing plants continue to stand and take away.

Reduction of material production is confirmed by the fall
oil consumption in the country. In 1990, we consumed 1.8 tonnes per capita
per year, in 2004, 0.8 tonnes, despite the increase in the number of cars. it
_ * irreversible consequence of reduced production. * _ In Russia produces 3 tons
oil a year per capita, but the bulk of it is exported in the form of crude oil (1.7
m) and oil (0.5 m). Incidentally, in the United States is consumed per 3.5 tons per year
(of which only 0.7 tonnes on cars) in Germany, Japan and South
Korea - 2.2 tons.

The government and the State Duma, despite repeated clarifications
scientists do not realize that the main engine of the market economy is a
customer demand. For Russia, the demand for goods is determined by salaries,
_ * therefore necessary to raise the share of GDP going to wages, * _ from 25% to
50% by reducing windfall rich (5% of the population). In the United States, Europe,
Japan, the share of wages in GDP is 60-70%.

If the teacher, the doctor, the worker once a year can not fly with his family in
holidays, the domestic aviation is not needed. It becomes unnecessary to our
factories, research institutes, design, aviation colleges. Due to the low cost of bread (1 kg
It should cost no less than the value of 4.5 liters of gasoline, as in all developed
countries), agriculture destroyed, not being able to pay
machinery and fertilizers. And the government thinks like a "klutz" in
Tatar-Bashkir proverb _ * "The wagon will break - will be wood, bull
die - will be meat. "* _

The power and its ideology does not understand the important theory of the market
Economics _ * "The main investor of the market economy - the people receiving
balanced proportion of GDP in the form of wages. "* _ then the people are capable
to pay for life-sustaining goods and services on a balanced
(covering the production costs and ensuring investment) and prices
create an engine of the economy - the consumer demand.

Low pay is not the savings used to
investment, both in the USSR in 1930-1950-ies in the modern China. In Russia
that underpaid squandered on luxuries and exported abroad.
It is time to understand the economic necessity of civilized "redistribution" of income
(no property and income) for the benefit of the general population with the aim _ *
balance of the economy, * _ to excessive spending on luxury draw
the development of production by customer demand.

To balance the tax system is needed, common in
civilized countries: a large income (especially if they are due
Natural Resources) taxes account for up to 40-60%, with the average - 10-20%, with
small - zero, and with a rich property - 3-4%. A law on
that the minimum wage should not be less than the cost of 300-400 kg
bread or 1200 liters of petrol.

* The second process - the destruction of the Russian nation. * In 2004,
the same rate continues to fall in the population of 800-900 thousand.
per year. We have 2.3 million people die a year, equivalent to 100 thousand.
population is 2 times higher than in Europe and the US. 3 times than the national average
the world, we have more suicides (40 100 thousand. population). That opinion
Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Natalya Rimashevskaya: * "That the state in which
today is the population of Russia - is more than a dead end. "*

Science used to blame the lack of innovation. This shifting
with the blame on others. In most industries, died industry
the science. It is advised to seek money for innovations in the market. But in Russia
market is not working market mechanisms, there is no effective demand for
domestic products. And for this the government's responsibility, not
professor. The government does not looks into the theorem, repeatable
academician Leonid Abalkin _ * "Low pay - the main brake
scientific and technological progress. "* _ is necessary to understand and Theorem academician Valery
Makarova _ * "Organization of the demand for knowledge - a direct function of the state". * _

* The third process - the destruction of the state, rampant from top to bottom
corruption. * Material database corruption are windfall for the rich
from natural resources. The President admitted that corruption has penetrated in
law enforcement and judicial systems. The courts became independent, but
bribery atmosphere became even worse.

Academician Andrei Vorobyov said bitterly _ * 'health woes
- Only part of a huge disaster, which hit our country. "This is * _
It applies to the plight of science, education and culture, the troubles of the army, etc. we
It has not yet started to get out of this trouble. His slow reaction we have it

It is necessary to bear in mind the warning of Saltykov-Shchedrin, not taken into account
at the time the ruling class of Russia _ * "I'll tell you straight: beware,
Gentlemen! Once a man realizes that such internal politics, all the end
this policy ". * _

Scientists' opinions are ignored, but close to the president have
heard concern. You can hear the concerns of some ministers, heads
regions, the trouble can be heard in many television shows. The situation is so blatantly,
one of the leaders in power - Moscow Mayor Luzhkov said _ * "If we
silent, smiling and standing on his hind legs, we will bring a disservice
our state.